Generate a Unique Tracking Number Prior to Production

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CPSIA Compliance in 3 Easy Steps:


Gather the information from the CPSC certified Laboratory testing that was performed on each base color or metallic thread used in your design.

This information will be asked for when you are generating your own GCC that pertains to the final product that you are producing.  You can host your copy and provide a link when registering jobs, or you can upload a scanned image to, or you can paste the information into the form.  This step will be completed each time you register a production run.


Generate Your GCC to Get a Unique Product Tracking Number.

Registration is simple and takes only a few minutes.  You will be given a unique product tracking number instantly an will also receive an email confirmation for your records.  This step must be taken before you begin your production run.


Permanently mark each item with your unique tracking number, our website address and phone number.

Each non-exempt item must be permanently marked with your tracking number, "" and our phone number.  This can be done as a screen print or heat seal inside the garment, on a permanent label sewn into the garment, or incorporated as a tracer in your art design.

Try Entering 1255443818 in our Product Tracking Search Service to see an example of a CPSIA compliant GCC.