Register as a Decorator Member

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Decorator Membership Types:
There are two classifications of Decorator Membership for screen printers and embroiderers: 

1) Basic Decorator Member

2) Enterprise Decorator Member

If you are engaged in applying Screen Print or Embroidery to youth-sized garments or garments intended for use by children, the Decorator Member classification is appropriate for you.  A decorator that is engaged in a high-volume of orders that require certification and is interested in automation or providing their distributor clients with an integrated solution may find the Enterprise Decorator Membership to be a better solution.  A promotional products distributor that is also engaged in the application of screen print or embroidery should gain membership as a Decorator Member rather than a Distributor Member.

Cost of Membership:

Basic Decorator Member......................$999/yr

Enterprise Decorator Member..............$8,500/yr

Benefits For Basic Decorator Members:

Our Basic Decorator Members receive guidance and support in their efforts to comply with CPSIA.  Compliance is the duty of the Member, but makes the process much easier to understand and sustain.  Additionally, our Unique Tracking Code Generator Service allows our Member's compliance process to be up and running immediately with no need to make investments in technology or other costly overhead.  With your Membership, you will receive:

  • Membership Number
  • Secure Access to the Job Registry
  • Use of the Tracking Service & Tracking Code Generator
  • Access to publications regarding CPSIA
  • Use of the Membership Mark on marketing materials

Benefits for Enterprise Decorator Members:

Our Enterprise Decorator Members receive the same benefits as a Decorator Member, with the addition of an enterprise-level ERP platform integration with the CPSIAregistry platform.  It is the Enterprise Member's responsibility to be compliant with CPSIA, but makes the process understandable.