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Membership Types:

There are two classifications of Distributor Memberships for Promotional Products Distributors & Retailers: 

1) Basic Distributor Member

2) Enterprise Distributor Member

Cost of Membership:

Basic Distributor Membership.........................Free

Enterprise Distributor Membership..............$8,500

Benefits for Basic Distributor Members:

Our Basic Distributor Members receive guidance and support in their efforts to comply with CPSIA.  It is the Distributor Member's responsibility to choose a Screen Printer or Embroiderer that is compliant with CPSIA, but makes the process understandable.  As a Distributor Member, you have the right to proudly display their CPSIAregistry Membership Mark on your marketing materials and communications, giving your clients an assurance that you are aware of CPSIA and are taking the issue seriously.

Benefits for Enterprise Distributor Members:

Our Enterprise Distributor Members receive the same benefits as a Basic Distributor Member, with the addition of an enterprise-level ERP platform integration with the CPSIAregistry platform.  Our Enterprise Members will also receive a tracking widget to embed into their own websites and will therefore have the option of permanently marking all products with the tracking number and their own website address rather than